This is from Rheinhessen Lighthouse Series.



Note – I love lighthouses.  I mean LOVE lighthouses.  I have Long Beach Island, New Jersey’s Barnegat Light tattooed to the inside of my left arm.

This comes in a beautiful bottle with a lighthouse scene that can be viewed through the bottle.  The wine itself pours as a nice light golden color.  I found it strange that there was absolutely no bouquet to this wine.  Not a single noticeable aroma.  I was a little worried that this was going to just taste like sugar water.  Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised by a pretty solid medium bodied wine.  The mouth feel was a little heavier than other Rieslings I’ve had.  Light, crisp, smooth and nothing overpowering taste wise making this a very easy to drink wine.  I noticed a bit of a honey aftertaste.  Nice and crisp, this should be served well chilled.

This would go well with charcuterie, salads, lighter seafood (especially scallops), and a nice warm spring Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

On a scale of “this tastes like piss” to “oops, I just drank the whole bottle” I would give this a “Subtle, smooth, easy to drink and tastes like Spring.  And with this ridiculous never ending Winter I was delighted by a taste of Spring.” Would I buy it again? I received this bottle as a gift, but if I track it down again I would absolutely pick up a bottle or six.

Final Grade: A- (The kickass bottle brought it up from a B+)


*I’d love to find the rest of the series.  If anyone knows where to find them let me know!