I came across these two words today and decided to share them. Yes, I know, I have veered from my alphabetical wine dictionary theme. Too bad!  Both of these terms have to do with the texture of a wine.

Grip – This alludes to a wine having a grip on the palate – a traction, a bold statement.  This usually relates to a wine’s acid or tannin.  Wine without grip feels wimpy or too light.

Makes sense to me.  It’s something like meeting someone and judging them by their handshake.  A limp, clammy handshake is never something pleasant.  However, a good firm handshake is typically more memorable.

Silky – Describe a wine as silky if it tastes fine and smooth – like silk.

Again, this is pretty straightforward.  Although I can’t think of any wines off the top of my head that I’d necessarily describe as silky.  Unless you count this odd chocolate wine I had at a bonfire once.  It was more like chocolate milk with a hint of red wine taste to it.  I believe I have found a challenge!  Time to find a silky wine.