It’s wine term time!  Mainly because I need something to keep me occupied for a few minutes before the Jeopardy! online test begins!  It’s supposed to start at 8pm and I’m supposed to be able to login 30min prior to the start of the test.  It’s 7:42pm and I’m getting an error message that says I’m too early.  The Jeopardy! people might be good at trivia, but apparently they suck at math and basic time telling skills.  Anyway…

Earthy – A term used to describe aromas and flavors that have a certain soil-like quality, that is, with organic qualities like “barnyard,” “forest floor,” “merde,” and tree bark.”  May be associated with brettanomyces but can also result from oak aging or the nature of specific grapes.  Mourvedre, for instance, imparts a characteristic earthy aroma.  A bit of earthiness can be appealing; too much makes the wine course.

I had to look up some of the words in the definition.  Like “merde” which, wait for it, means “shit” or “crap” in French.  It is also listed as “dung” if you want the rated G definition.  Umm…so far I’m thinking I don’t want anything that tastes like barnyard shit in my mouth.  Just a personal preference…

Brettanomyces – a genus of molds (family Moniliaceae) that are sometimes included in the genus Candida.  Wait what?  Seriously?  No…I must investigate further.  Thank you Merriam Webster, but allow me to find a more reputable source.  Wikipedia here I come!   Brettanomyices is a non-spore forming genus of yeast in the family Saccharomycetaceae, and is often colloquially referred to as “Brett“.  Ok, still not sounding appealing, but I can call it Brett.  I feel like I’m more ok with it because we’re on a more familiar nickname basis.

Mourvedre is a red wine grape variety in case you were curious.  I was.

Let’s hope wine terminology or grape growing regions are part of the Jeopardy! test!!!