Bottle notes: Naked Angels gave me the money and support to make this wine. It’s awesome being able to spend more time in the vines, and I’m focused on making the best wine possible instead of being stuck in an office figuring out who I’m going to sell the wine to. Thanks, Angels. I couldn’t have made this wine so delicious without you. – Ray Hester

My Notes:
This wine scored a 9.2 on website. That has to count for something right?!

This wine is another selection from, which is a great site to get super cheap wine from not yet well-known wine makers. It’s an interesting little wine club that can be pretty hit or miss, but it has some hidden gems. I’d consider this one of them.

I poured a glass of this very light in color Sauvignon Blanc and was greeted by a shy, but pleasant aroma of citrus and floral undertones. That first sip surprised me a bit. Much more acidic that I was expecting, but not necessarily in a bad way. I really enjoyed the floral taste of this wine, which is odd for me because typically I am not a fan of wine that tastes like I’m drinking flowers. I think the acidity plus the apricot undertone helped to balance this wine out. I also enjoyed that it is not overpowering in any particular flavor. This would be a great hot summer afternoon in the garden sipping wine.

I happened to crack this bottle open when i got home from a soccer game. We won our first playoff round match 4-0, so a celebration was in order. I’d say this wine pairs well with shin splints and frozen pizza. I was in a world of hurt after an intense Sunday morning workout and playing hard in the evening. This wine made me forget that I was icing my shins and soaking my feat in Epson salts.

On a scale of “this tastes like piss” to “oops, I just drank the whole bottle” I would give this a “I opened this initially earlier in the week. Good thing I had a 2nd bottle on hand to finish this review! So easy to drink that you blink and suddenly the bottle is empty!” Would I buy it again? Light, crisp, clean, smooth and 13.9%? This is now my go to wine for when I order from Naked Wines and I need another bottle or two in order to meet the 12 bottle shipping requirement.

Final Grade: B+