This is where we get into the “and sometimes beer” part.
Here is what 21st Amendment Brewery has to say:
Like Lady Liberty, we stand for independence and perseverance. In the pursuit of innovative beer, there is no obstacle too great. No journey too long. No fruit too gigantic. This American wheat beer is brewed with real watermelon, for a flavor that’s surprisingly crisp, dry and refreshing—summer in a can.
Hell or High Watermelon Wheat is our summer seasonal beer available from April through September in six pack cans and on draft. We start by brewing a classic American wheat beer, which undergoes a traditional secondary fermentation using fresh watermelon. A straw-colored, refreshing beer with a kiss of watermelon aroma and flavor.

Alcohol Content: 4.9% by volume Color: Pale Straw Bitterness Units (IBUS): 17
Bittering Hops: Columbus Hops: Magnum Yeast: Top Fermenting Ale Yeast
Flavor: 100% Fresh Watermelon Pure Malts: Two-Row Pale, White Wheat

My thoughts:
I discovered this on my most recent trip to The Chelsea Tavern in Wilmington, DE. My kid brother and I try to meet up once a month and do dinner and drinks and hang out. He lives in Philly, I live in Baltimore…Wilmington works. We’re big fans of Chelsea Tavern. Typically we don’t repeat restaurants when we have our monthly outing, but this one is a keeper.

Anyway, The Chelsea Tavern has a ridiculous beer selection. At the moment they have 1 cask beer, 30 draft beers, 111 bottled beers and 18 canned beers. So when the bartender asks me what I want to drink I glaze over slack-jawed for a moment and say, “I’ll have one of those,” as I randomly point to a tap on the wall. I saw it was a wheat beer. I love wheat beers. I figured I had made a decent choice.

When my beer arrived it looked like a watered down Hefeweizen. Hmm… I took a hearty sniff and there wasn’t much going on aroma wise. I hesitantly took a sip. Light, crisp, refreshing after an hour and 45 minute drive that should have taken no more than an hour. I wasn’t wowed, but I wasn’t rethinking my choice either. The watermelon flavor wasn’t overpowering. It was just a hint of an aftertaste. It was relatively pleasant to sip on while waiting for my brother and his roommate to arrive.

I was just finishing off my pint when they arrived. So I moved from the bar to a table outside with them. My next beer choice was unavailable, so they ordered me another Hell or High Watermelon since I had run to the car to grab something.

The second one? Not so much. The watermelon taste caught up with me. All I could taste was fake watermelon flavor. It seriously tasted like someone had dropped a watermelon Jolly Rancher in my Hefeweizen. (I love Hefeweizens. Hence the repeated reference. Don’t eff with my Hefeweizen!)

I haven’t yet come up with a beer tasting scale yet, so we’ll rate this one as “Tastes like the end of a summer picnic. The kind you don’t want to linger too late at because then is starts to get weird. And not the good kind of weird.” Would I buy it again on purpose? No. Would I drink it if I was at a summer picnic and I had a choice of this or Coors/Bud/Miller Light? Absolutely.

Final Grade: B-