*My apologies in advance. I was almost finished with my review when Toby, my adorable 6 month old kitten, discovered the on off switch to the surge protector. Needless to say, he shut down the computer and I lost the first review. He’s lucky he’s so damn cute. So this may be a bit abridged compared to the original.*

Info from the bottle:
We voyaged to the Mosel river valley to craft a Riesling with a unique slate minerality and creamy mid-palate. This Riesling has hints of ripe honeydew, lemon chiffon and a broad palate with a touch of zing before finishing with length. It is reminiscent of a lemon cream cupcake. Enjoy with grilled halibut, Indian butter chicken, or simply as an aperitif.

My thoughts:
Lemon cream cupcake? Yes, it does have hints of ripened honeydew and notes of lemon and citrus. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s reminiscent of a lemon cream cupcake. Pretty sure whoever wrote this description was stoned. Regardless, I’m thoroughly enjoying this Riesling. Light, crisp, aromatic and very easy to drink. This would be paired well with grilled shrimp, bbq chicken, and my mom’s potato salad. To me, it tastes like summer.

Now that they’ve mentioned a lemon cream cupcake…this would be great with a slice of lemon cake from the Wyckoff Bakery…right after some Kinchley’s pizza.

Would I buy this again? Hell yes, and possibly in large quantities. Would I share this with others? Yes, as long as I had an extra bottle on hand.

On a scale of “this tastes like piss” to “oops, I just drank the whole bottle” I would give this a “I’m not sure if my dinner was a Caesar salad with the Mosel Valley Riesling or Mosel Valley Riesling with a side Caesar salad.” I’m leaning towards the latter of the two…

Final Grade: A